Luxurious Lipie-Althof Pension is situated in a tiny village of Lipie amidst ancient woodland and 150 lakes of the Wałeckie Landlake - a part of the West Pomeranian Landlake. Amongst the nearby nature reserves the most exquisite ones are: Diabli Skok, Wielki Bytyń and Smolary landscape reserves, the most beautiful forest reserves are: Glinki and Rosiczki Mirosławskie. There are also both magnificent and pristine azure Lake Kocie, Lake Bytyn Wielki and Lake Drzewicz in the vicinity. The village of Lipie is located close to Wałcz, Mirosławiec and Czaplinka.

We are very solicitous of every Guest expecting relaxation nearby natural surroundings or holidays by the lake, that they will blithely enjoy themselves in Lipie at the bosom of the beauty of nature. Lipie-Althof is a pension ensuring the highest standards and homelike atmosphere every season of the year. The interior of the pension has been designed and equipped to assure our Guests with all the conveniences necessary to rest.

W e provide in Lipie-Althof our guests with everything that is indispensable to have a soothing time:

  • 5 fully equipped double rooms with spacious and luxurious bathrooms,
  • comfortable and cosy drawing room with a fireplace (satellite TV, home cinema and audio hi-fi),
  • wireless broadband internet connection,
  • enchanting garden and terrace,
  • additionally - you may taste traditional Polish cuisine and game.

V icinity of the unique nature and picturesque landscapes filled with nature monuments, wonderful forests and pristine lakes assure memorable experiences during walks, cycling excursions and cross country skiing at the bosom of an attraction-rich area. Moreover, wild boar and other animals hunters , anglers, mushroom picking lovers will find something of their interest here too.

We provide in Lipie-Althof our guests with everything that is indispensable to have a soothing time.

We are waiting for you, here in Lipie.