The Wałeckie Lakeland, neighbouring landscape parks and the multitudes of monuments near the village of Lipie give you an opportunity to discover many appealing places. In the nearby Mirosławiec, there is a church dedicated to the Assumption of Blessed Mary built in 1543. In Bronikowo you may visit St. Jacob Church built in 1775 and in Próchnowo the church dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. You will find more places of this kind in Jabłonowo, Łowicz Wałecki and Toporzyk. There is a very charming church exuding very romantic atmosphere in Forest Wałecki which is worth a closer look at.

At Lake Piecnik there is a charming court park of the area of 3.3 ha. Almost 500 broadleaved and coniferous trees grow there. Oaks, beeches, limes, ashes with circumferences of almost 200 inches. There is also
a well—preserved Jewish graveyard from the 18th century covering the area of 1.6 ha and an old castle yard surrounded by a 10 metre—wide moat.

Museum of Wałcz Land

Museum was established in 1928. It has exhibits substantiating: the prehistory of Wałcz land, the beginnings of settlement, erection and development of towns, political and cultural development from the 16th to 18th Century, archives on the starosty of Wałcz from 17th and 18th Century, collection of mementoes after World War Two veterans as well as artistic furniture and craft art. There are also temporary exhibitions such as "Modern Japanese Litograph", "Meeting Japanese Culture and Art", "Motorway treasures", "The Realm of Ikons", "Lives of the Extraordinary" held there. In January of each year local visual artists present their pieces of art. "Annual Salon" (Salon Doroczny) is an event that gives you an opportunity to meet local artists. The museum also carries out archaeological excavations, organises scientific conferences and many other kinds of events accompanying exhibitions — martial arts shows, festivities and talks.

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