The area of Lipie has simply been created for walking and cycling as well as cross country skiing during winters. So, they marked bike trails of varying difficulty leading through forests and lakes. Along the way you may come across animals like the wisent. You may relish the beauty of nature in the sanctuaries nearby.

"Rosiczki Mirosławskie" reserve — covers a moss lake bog with three kinds of insectivorous plants — sundews. In total, there are 23 species of rare plants which are protected since they face extinction. It is a strict nature reserve.

"Wielki Bytyń" nature reserve — there are approximately 247 species of plants including 17 kinds of trees. Moreover, the animal world surprises with its wealth. Wild boars, deer, foxes, badgers, pine marten, weasels, otters, beavers, wisent, white—tailed eagles, lesser spotted eagles, cormorants have frequently been sighted here.

Rurzyca Valley reserve — was set up in 2005. It covers the area of 554,68 ha (total buffer zone: 1093,64 ha). Great Poland Rurzyca Valley directly adjoins to the East Pomeranian side of the protected area. Together with the pre—existing Diabli Skok and Smolary reserves, they constitute the area of more than 1600 ha of a contiguous block. The reserve is enclosed from the East by the Wałeckie Lakeland.

Diabli Skok is one of the most attractive, it has the area preserved in its original form at the territory of the Wałeckie Lakeland. It covers the area of 20.98 ha. The most sizeable part of the preserve is covered by a deep and picturesque ravine. Numerous springs flow down the precipitous slopes of the ravine at the sides reaching 20 metres feeding nearby Lake Krępsko Małe. The magnitude of this place is shaped by its microclimate which fosters the growth of the vegetation typical for mountain regions. Look out for veronica montana or Woodland forgetmenot! The flora of the region is comprised of about 285 species, where 64 constitute bryophytes, 11 kinds of fern. The reserve looks as if it is primeval and untouched by human foot. It is the beginning of the scenic Rurzyca Valley area, very attractive for canoeing lovers a white water adventure.

Strzaliny near Tuczno reserve — was established in 2008, it covers the area of 17,83 ha. The gloomy, humid and inaccessible area on Wisielcza Mountain with an underground complex included in fortified group on its top has been favoured by bats. The preserve protects both the underground (remnants of bunkers and corridors joining them) and ground areas (a forest growing on the hill).

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