Surrounding forest flourishing with game is a perfect hunting spot for demanding hunters. There are 22 hunting circuits in the Wałęcki poviat (administrative district). Two circuits belong to Animal Breeding Centre of the State Forestry Commission of Wałcz (Ośrodek Hodowli Zwierząt lasów Państwowych Nadleśnictwa Wałcz=. Hunting Circle Falcon and Deer have their seats in Wałcz, whereas "Diana" has its seat in Sweden. We kindly ask you to contact us by phone or email for further information on hunting provisions and organisation of
a hunting trip.

The wisent may be witnessed in Betń, Nieradz, Hanki and Toporczyk forest district as well as Mirosławiec district and in the neighbourhood of the villages of Piecnik, Próchnowo, Hanki and Marcinkowice, in Mirosławiec and Wałcz communes (administrative districts). Look out for the wisent also in Świerczyn forest district and in forest complexes neighbouring Toporczyk and Mirosławiec forest districts too!

The adjacent area of Lipie is an ideal spot for adventurers, you may give yourself to the real challenges during car rallies in the area. Stamina, endurance, readiness to spine-tingling experiences and the ability to drive an off-road vehicle are essential. Adrenaline rush is guaranteed!

We provide in Lipie-Althof our guests with everything that is indispensable to have a soothing time.

We are waiting for you, here in Lipie.